Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dumpster - 3D Model

Today I've finished one more 3D model for my upcoming alleyway scene. This is probably the most complex 3D model I've made so far because it involved several separate objects. The wheels, lids and bits on the side (I'm not sure what they are to be honest) are all their own separate objects. I also put a lot of effort into the texture and tried to make it as detailed as possible with graffiti, dirt and so on. The amount of stuff that I had to fit onto the texture meant that some of it looked a bit stretched but either way I'm quite happy with it.

My goal of getting this project finished before I restart Uni on the 24th is looking quite realistic. I'll probably do one or two more 3D models and the textures for the walls and floor of the scene then it'll be done!

I've also made a Pinterest board of research pictures that can be seen here: Alleys and Backstreets.

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