Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Throne Room is Finished!

My entry to the Polycount/Allegorithmic Throne Room challenge is finished!

This has been my very first 3D art challenge and its been a good experience overall. I did a pirate-themed throne room, complete with treasure, cannons and other pirate-y things. I decided to take a low-poly approach - every model is less than 1500 tris, with only the throne and the cannon being more than 1000. Also, all the textures are hand painted.

This is my first finished scene using UE4, and its definitely helped me to get to grips with the software - which is good news, because I will be using it for my Honours project. This has also been one of my first experiences with PBR texturing, with many of my models having roughness and metallic maps.

I'm quite proud of how its turned out - especially considering I've been doing it along with Uni work. Here's some pictures of the finished environment.

A closer look at the throne...

I hope to enter more 3D art challenges in the future. For now, I feel much more prepared for my Honours project - which I will now focus a lot more time on, so stay tuned for updates!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

THRONE ROOM - Transition to UE4

...Not only have I decided to do my Diner honours project in UE4, I've also now decided that I'm going to do my submission to the Throne Room challenge in UE4 too! I've imported everything and rebuilt the scene. Soon I'll be 3D modelling some more stuff and eventually the throne itself.

Diner Update - Transition to UE4

I've finally taken the plunge this week and decided to build my Diner environment for my Honours project in UE4 instead of UDK. This is a big decision because I've not had any experience with UE4 before, but I'm feeling confident and I've already built the diner and some of its contents.... and it looks much better than before! I think that the learning curve will be worth it because my scene will look better in the long run, and experience with UE4 will be a great help for me when applying for jobs.

Here's a couple of pictures of how the diner is looking now.