Friday, 13 June 2014

Garage Scene (Work in Progress)

So I finished my 2nd year as a Games Design student at UCLan a few weeks ago now, and even though I only just passed, I'm happy with how this year has gone. I go into my final year in September and it's gonna be a difficult year, so I decided that instead of just go straight home for the Summer, I would stick around at Uni for a bit and do some independent work in preparation for 3rd year.

I chose to do an environment because I plan to specialise in environment art and 3D modelling in my 3rd year. My plan was to make a small, simple environment, that I would try and fill with as much atmosphere and interesting stuff as possible. I decided on a mechanics garage.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to finish the full scene before going home for Summer, but I did get a fair bit done and I've gained a hell of a lot of knowledge in the process. Staying these few extra weeks has definitely been worth it and I'm excited to come back for my final year.

Anyway, here's a few screenshots of my garage scene as it stands now!

and finally, a high quality render of the desktop props...

This environment is now on hold and I'll continue working on it when I come back to Uni in September

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

New Denim Kid Logos!

This week I finally got round to creating some logos for my Soundcloud page! This is the first step in my plan to try and get the ball rolling for myself as a producer over the Summer. I made the logos in Photoshop. They are fairly simple; plain block capitals with various pictures that I took showing through.

I did banners and square logos in a load of different picture and colour combos.


Square Logos:

I'm currently working on a few new tracks that I hope to upload soon!