Monday, 29 July 2013

Fallout 3 Mod Complete!

The Fallout 3 Mod that I've been working on for a few weeks is finally finished and uploaded over at for Fallout 3 players around the world to download and play!

The mod, made using the GECK world editor, overhauls a building within the game (The Temple of the Union), adding loads of new content including furniture, weapons, items, clutter and detail items. I also made a new unique weapon by editing a texture file. This can be seen in a previous blog post.The mod is appropriately called Temple of the Union Overhaul and can be found at

Here's some pictures before and after pictures to show how major an overhaul it was:

General pics:


Friday, 19 July 2013

Gravedigger's Spade - 3D Modelling

Today I finally found the motivation to get some 3D modelling done and made some progress on my "Gravedigger" scene that I've been working on (for far too long!) I've finished the third of the objects for the scene now (the other two being the gravestone and the coffin from several posts ago) and I'm happy to say that the break that I took from 3D modelling didn't mess things up as much as I had expected. The model itself was a bit of an awkward one because of the shape of the spade head, but the real challenge came when I had to UV map it which was somehow much harder than I thought. The texture is quite a simple one but it didn't need to be particularly fancy (it's only a spade after all...)

Anyway here's some pictures of the textured model in Maya

And the final result in UDK

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fallout 3 Custom Weapon Modding

So I've been fairly into Fallout 3 recently and the other day I downloaded the GECK world editor (a resource used by modders to edit in-game content) so that I could do some modding in general and also create in-game sets for my videos. Yesterday I created my first custom weapon, the Freedom Rifle, by editing a texture file in Photoshop and weapon files in the GECK. The rifle will feature in a mod that I'm working on that overhauls the interior of a building in the game.

New and old texture map comparisons:

In-game comparison:

Weapon In-Game:

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Red Bandanas Trailer Finished!

My latest video editing project - "The Red Bandanas", a Fallout 3 Machinima series - is finally getting under way with the completion of a minute long trailer/title sequence that can be found on YouTube. A lot of work has gone into it this 56 seconds of video and with all the video recording, software and mod downloads and computer crashes due to me simply overworking my system, it's gotten me pretty pissed off a few times! But hopefully the trailer and the series itself (when I manage to get a full episode finished) will be well received so it'll be worth it.
 YouTube Video:

More Red Bandanas news coming soon.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Decade in Characters Part 1 - Digital Painting

This post marks the beginning of a brand new series of blog posts that I am calling "Decade in Characters!".

I've always been interested in 20th Century zeitgeist and culture, including anything from music and film to fashion and subcultures, and I often find this interest influencing my own creative projects including my character designs, so I've decided to do a series of themed posts of characters based around specific decades. This will give me a chance to look further into a subject that I am already interested in and will also help me to improve my digital painting skills.

I've decided to kick things off with the 1950's! I'm a fan of the style of the era, and many of my favourite works of fiction including games (Fallout series) and films (Back To The Future, Grease) are set in the 50's or influenced by 50's culture, so I've had plenty of things to draw inspiration from.

I've saved my personal favourite for last. This picture was a first for me because I've never been great at drawing female characters, but I worked at it on paper and digitally and finally produced something that I'm very happy with. This is my favourite digital painting that I've produced to date.

Look out for more Decade in Characters posts in the near future. I'm thinking of doing the 70's next.