Friday, 7 February 2014

This Week at Uni - Vampire Hunter concept art and Metal Texture

It's been a busy week at Uni this week with a few big projects kicking off.

The first is a character design project; we have to design a main character for a game and create a piece of concept art that can be used as a desktop wallpaper. My idea is an "Arctic Vampire Hunter" and I've gotten started on the picture in Photoshop. I'm experimenting with lighting and poses with this one. It's nowhere near done yet but here it is so far.

We've also had a "next gen texture" brief which is basically about using normal maps to give a texture depth and specular maps to dictate how it reflects light. This has actually gone very well so far and I've finished one of the two that I need for the brief. Here's my final presentation sheet for the first texture!

More to come soon...

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