Friday, 20 May 2016

1920's Speakeasy Environment - Part 7

1920's Speakeasy Environment - Part 7

It's been a while since I've touched my 1920's speakeasy project because I've been pretty busy with my new job, but I've finally picked it back up this week! I've started on creating another essential prop for the theme, a stereotypical gangster trilby.

I've created the model, UV mapped it and started on the texture. I have done about 5 hours work in total. It's not much, but it does feel good to be back working on this project!

Over the next few days I will aim to finish this model up and get started on some other assets for the scene.

Meanwhile, my QA job at Traveller's Tales continues to be a very valuable experience and I'm learning more with every week that goes by. I have accepted an offer to have my contract extended until the end of August, turning what would have been a 6 week job into almost 5 months!

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