Friday, 19 February 2016

PBR Baseball Bat - 3D Modelling Project

This month I've been working on a new 3D modelling project to get myself back into practice, and as a way of teaching myself how to use Maya 2016. It's been a while since my last 3D model as I've been focusing mainly on creating browser games, so it felt like it was time I started another 3D project.

I'm modelling a PBR-textured medium-polycount baseball bat. It's a fairly straightforward model, so the texture will be the real element that I need to get right. This factor is what I was looking for when deciding on what to model, because it means I will be able to hone my skill with PBR texturing - an important skill for an aspiring modeller/environment artist to have.

As it stands now, the model is finished and mapped, and the textures are also quite developed, I'm just working on getting the PBR material just right before I can call it finished!

Here's some pictures of the work-in-progress model:

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