Friday, 25 December 2015

"Snowman Creator" - Gallery

"Snowman Creator" Gallery

This December, I decided that I wanted to make a Christmas/holiday game, and the result was "Snowman Creator". It's a seasonal dress up game that allows you to create a unique snowman, enter a personal message then screenshot it to create a digital Christmas/holiday card that you can share with anyone.

I created the game by myself using Construct 2, and Photoshop to create the graphics. It took about 3 weeks of steady(ish) work to make it.

Here is a screenshot of how the game looks to play...

...but the real fun is in the "Take Picture" feature, which hides the menus and takes a screenshot of your custom snowman that you can save and share with family or friends as a digital holiday card.

I uploaded the game to the Scirra Arcade on December 18th - one week before Christmas - and throughout that week the game was played over 200 times.

So to celebrate Christmas and the game's success, here is a gallery of snowman pictures that myself and various players created!

created by me

created by me

created by me

created by me

created by Sheila Clarke

created by Phil Bahan

created by Nome Clarke

created by my nieces Seren and Izzy

created by Chris Clarke

created by Chris Whiteside

created by NovelSpinGames on Reddit

So there we have it! I'm very happy with how this game has turned out and the response it received and I'm excited for whatever my next 2D game project will be!

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