Monday, 12 January 2015

"The Canyonrush Crew" Concept Art - Games Design Work!

Welcome to my first post of 2015! It's already a busy year with a couple of big Uni submissions already done and dusted. One of these submissions was for my "Games Proposal" module. This module involves coming up with an entire game concept. I had to create a pitch document for the game idea for our January milestone submission.

My game is called "The Canyonrush Crew" - its an action adventure/treasure hunting game set in the Wild West. The player can choose from 5 very different characters including a Native American and a Retired Pirate to name just two.

For the background images of my pitch document, I used Photoshop to create 8 different versions of the same desert landscape at different stages of the day, so that as you scroll through the pitch document, a day passes before your eyes on the page! 

Obviously the actual pitch document itself is full of words, but its quite long winded so I've decided to just post the background images, I hope you enjoy!

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