Thursday, 8 August 2013

Treasure Chest - 3D Modelling

I've made another step closer to the completion of my Gravedigger scene today with the completion of my latest 3D model; a beat up old wooden treasure chest. This is the fourth 3D model for this project which means it's finally almost done! I'll be doing at least one more which might be a plant/fern type thing using alpha textures, depending on if I can actually manage this. Then I'll be doing some textures for the scene's floor and walls and so on.

As usual this model was made using Maya, textured using Photoshop and presented in UDK (using UDK textures that I take no credit for). I'm not 100% happy with the texture because it was difficult to get the gold/metallic effect that I was after.

Here's some pictures!

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