Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New Video Editing Project - Fallout 3

Today, after a long and totally uncool "creative dry spell", I've started a new project, and it's a fairly ambitious one involving video recording and editing, story writing, and audio recording/voice acting. I'm going to be creating a Machinima-style film/series within Fallout 3 that tells the story of the "Red Bandanas", a bad-ass, A Team-style mercenary group.

I've spent a couple of days downloading all the necessary software and coming up with the story, and I'm now ready to start filming. I've also got some potential voice actors on board, so at some point down the line I'll also need to get hold of a microphone for voice recording purposes (which opens up all sorts of other options for future music projects too).

For now all I've got is a screenshot from Fallout 3 of one of the main characters in the series. More to come soon.

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